FAQs for FSEP during COVID-19 restrictions

1. What is the requirement for my FSEP education during the COVID-19 restrictions?

This should be determined at a local level by your manager and employer. For most hospitals, current RANZCOG FSEP practitioner levels are being maintained, after demonstrated completion of the OFSEP, +/- a FSEP Webinar, where the face-to-face sessions are unavailable. 

2. When will the FSEP face-to-face sessions be available?

Currently NSW, ACT, and TAS face-to-face FSEP sessions remain cancelled until the end of 2021.

SA, WA, QLD and New Zealand have limited availability for face-to-face sessions by local FSEP educators to the end of 2021. This will remain dependent on local restrictions.

There is some limited availability for face-to-face sessions across Victoria., dependant on local restrictions.  All efforts will continue to be made to safely meet the educational needs of the hospitals, Universities, or individuals. This will include additional COVID Safe terms and conditions for organisers. Consideration can also be given to shorter presentations, like the FSEP Refresher Program, in association with webinars; or the provision of Test Only sessions following our regular face-to-face education and assessment.

We would like to advise that we will open for bookings in October for sessions from February 2022 but may not be able to confirm the face-to-face bookings in the short term.

RANZCOG will continue to assess the COVID-19 situation and advise when sessions might recommence, based on Federal and State government recommendations. Our online program OFSEP and range of Zoom webinars remain available.

Please contact the FSEP office for further details or to discuss the options and availability for 2022.

3. Can I get access to the FSEP assessment without attending a session?

No. The FSEP assessment is only available at a face-to-face session and online testing is currently not an option.

4. Is OFSEP online program equivalent to FSEP face-to-face session?

No, the OFSEP is a certificate of completion only and is not equivalent to the face-to-face FSEP education and assessment. Access the OFSEP here.

5. Can FSEP be presented online via webinar?

Yes. We have a range of webinar packages to suit your learning needs in the interim period if required. More information is available on the website here.

6. What can I do until the FSEP face-to-face education and assessment resumes?

Other FSEP resources continue to be available online:

  • OFSEP, free online program for everyone
  • RANZCOG IFS Clinical Guideline, free PDF copy for download
  • e-Book (Assessing Fetal Wellbeing: A Practical Guide), available from iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon (Kindle) and Kobo
  • Mobile app (FSEP), available from iTunes and GooglePlay

7. When can I purchase FSEP books and teaching tools from the online store?

The RANZCOG online store is open and purchases can be made. Due to local postal services and the possibility of lockdowns, delivery of your purchases may be delayed.

8. How will I know when the face-to-face sessions will resume?

Once RANZCOG, the individual states and hospitals have deemed it safe to re-commence lecturing, we will let you know through direct emails to our hospital contacts, via our website and our newsletter.



Test Only Session in June 2023

Friday 16 June 2023

RANZCOG College Place
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16 June 2023
RANZCOG College Place
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2023 FSEP bookings now available online

Online booking for face-to-face workshops is now availble.
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