Sessions cancelled from 11 March to 30 June 2020

11 March 2020

Dear all,
 A recent meeting of the RANZCOG Board and CEO was convened to discuss the current situation with Covid-19. Concerns were raised regarding community transmission and the potential risks to the general public, as well as RANZCOG staff, members and stakeholders. It was agreed that appropriate precautions should be undertaken immediately.
At this time, of utmost importance is the impact that Covid-19 could have on the healthcare workforce across Australia and New Zealand. RANZCOG has therefore chosen to avoid any College business that may expose large cohorts of healthcare workers, staff, stakeholder groups or the wider community to an increased risk of exposure to Covid-19.
Unfortunately, given the aforementioned risks and concerns, all FSEP sessions scheduled from 11 March 2020 to 30 June 2020 have been cancelled.
The rationale for the cancellation is that if an attendee at a RANZCOG/FSEP workshop were to test positive to Covid-19, then all attendees would be required to self-isolate for 2 weeks. This would result in significant difficulties in service provision for most hospitals.
Once all the impacted hospitals have been contacted, we will commence tentatively scheduling another FSEP session from July 2020. Hospitals whose FSEP session has been cancelled will be given priority for these bookings. We will assess the situation closer to date to confirm the session can go ahead.
While videoconferencing is a potential option, online testing is not. The only education available at this time is to have staff complete the recently updated online program, the OFSEP, for which a certificate of completion is available.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your understanding as the health and safety of our staff, your workforce and the general public is our priority.
For further information, please contact FSEP office.



Sessions cancelled from 11 March to 30 June 2020

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