2 Part Program

The FSEP 2 Part program runs for a total of 7 hours and provides a solid foundation of information for all clinicians involved in antenatal and intrapartum care. Like the Full program, the 2 Part program is structured to cumulatively build understanding, but over two days rather than one. Participants in the 2 Part program also complete the FSEP MCQ assessment at the completion of the second session. While having the education delivered over two days may be more conducive to learning, there is a greater time requirement from the educator so there are increased costs. This is not a program which is suitable for all sites and its delivery needs to be negotiated with the FSEP coordinator and manager.

2 Part Program Outline

Part 1
Part 2
The utero-placental unit, fetal heart rate control and basic fetal assessment
 1 hour 30 minutes
 Short Break
 15 minutes

 The normal CTG
 1 hour

 An introduction to the abnormal CTG
 45 minutes
The abnormal CTG, focusing on decelerations, interpretation and management
 1 hour 15 minutes

 Short Break
15 minutes

 CTG Workshop and Discussion
 1 hour

 Course Evaluation and 60 MCQ assessment
 1 hour
Total 3.5 hours Total 3.5 hours