Introducing FSEP webinars

The RANZCOG FSEP is now providing webinars via Zoom. We offer a range of webinars to suit your learning needs. For the best learning experience, we recommend each attendee to use their own computer/tablet with a headphone and microphone. This allows the individual to participate more fully in our online poll questions and discussion. Organisers and attendees can test their Zoom setup by visiting


University Program: Cardiotocography (CTG) 101 
3 hours 

Suited to: Students with limited knowledge of, or exposure to CTGs.  

Details: The RANZCOG FSEP Cardiotocography (CTG) 101 program was developed as an early introduction to CTG for students with limited prior knowledge of the topic. It will suit students yet to commence or beginning to commence their clinical placements. Its purpose is to provide students with a basic understanding of CTG capabilities and the fundamental principles of CTG interpretation and management. It is intended that this program be followed by the FSEP Cardiotocography 201 program, after reasonable exposure to CTGs. There is no assessment conducted with this program.  

Pre-requisites: Nil 


University Program: Cardiotocography (CTG) 201 
4 hours (+/- 30 min break) 

Suited to: Students who have previously attended the FSEP CTG 101  

Details: The RANZCOG FSEP Cardiotocography (CTG) 201 program was developed specifically to follow on from the Cardiotocography (CTG) 101 program. It will also work with students with reasonable previous CTG education and exposure to CTGs in the clinical setting. Its purpose is to build on previous education and experience to further develop the fundamental principles of CTG interpretation and management. There is no assessment conducted with this program.  

Pre-requisites: FSEP CTG 101

University Program: Introduction to the CTG 
4 hours (+/- 30 min break)

Suited to: Students with some previous CTG education and clinical exposure to CTGs. 

Details: The RANZCOG FSEP Introduction to the CTG program was developed as a stand-alone introduction to cardiotocography for students who ideally have had some exposure to, and education on CTGs. Its purpose is to provide students with the fundamental principles of CTG interpretation and management after they have commenced their clinical placements. There is no assessment conducted with this program.  

Pre-requisites: Completion of the RANZCOG OFSEP  

The normal CTG and CTG case reviews
3 or 4 hours

Suited to: Graduate midwives, new staff, clinicians who do not look at a lot of CTGs or who have previously found the FSEP assessment difficult.

Details: Briefly covers the normal CTG, excessive uterine activity, maternal heart rate monitoring and an overview of decelerations. The program concludes with a range of CTG based case reviews. Anonymous online polling questions are used to gauge participant understanding and guide the education.  

Pre-requisite: OFSEP at a minimum. Ideally participants will have previously attended a face-to-face FSEP session.

CTG case reviews
3 hours

Suited to: Most clinicians looking to refresh or update their fetal surveillance education.

Details: CTG workshop/case review based, so assumes a reasonable understanding of CTG interpretation. Commences with basic CTGs and progresses through to more complex cases and CTGs. Anonymous online polling questions are used to gauge participant understanding and guide the education. 

Pre-requisite: Previous attendance at face-to-face FSEP sessions.


Zoom FAQs


Certification will be available for webinars from 2022.

Online testing is not available for webinars.

Currently, RANZCOG is not providing the recording of webinar sessions due to copyright and privacy.

Please read the Webcast Organiser Terms & Conditions and the FSEP Webinar Details document.


$210 + GST per hour (maximum 50 participants) per webinar.

$94.50 + GST per hour (for student audience only) per webinar.

2022 AU Pricing List PDF   
2022 NZ Pricing List PDF


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss additional options or if you would like to make a booking.


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HETI recognise FSEP Full Day Program

The FSEP Full Day Program has been recognised for equivalency with HETI against the NSW Health endorsed Fetal Safety Education Team Training (FSETT) Workshops 1, 2 and 3 (combined). Please see "WHAT WE OFFER" above for details regarding the Program.



Introducing FSEP webinars

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