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About FSEP

RANZCOG FSEP strives to deliver excellence in fetal surveillance education based on an appreciation of the physiology of fetal heart rate control. Our comprehensive suite of educational resources is targeted to improve the professional understanding of fetal surveillance with the aim of reducing adverse perinatal outcomes. The program is supported by RANZCOG and incorporates the current RANZCOG Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance Clinical Guideline.

Our multidisciplinary face-to-face sessions are delivered throughout Australia and New Zealand and are appropriate for all professionals involved in antenatal and intrapartum care. Our book, Assessing Fetal Wellbeing: a practical guide and our online program, OFSEP, support our range of face-to-face programs. Our assessment tool provides a valid and reliable assessment of fetal surveillance knowledge and associated skills.

RANZCOG FSEP provides a highly relevant educational resource and risk management strategy for all Australian and New Zealand clinicians, training institutions and hospitals. We are not-for-profit and are committed to delivering our high-quality education program throughout metropolitan and regional areas of Australia and New Zealand, to ensure all staff can access our program.