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Introducing the 2024 OFSEP

The 2024 OFSEP is a free online program that offers individual login, with capability to track individual progress, online quizzes and a certificate on completion. The OFSEP will be available for a 12 month period (March to February) each year. Every March the OFSEP course will be refreshed and be available for another 12 months.

Course outline:

  •  Fetal Physiology & Quiz
  •  Fetal Assessment & Quiz
  •  Fetal Surveillance & Quiz
  •  CTG Normal & Quiz
  •  Maternal Heart Rate
  • Escalating Care Effectively in the Intrapartum Period
  •  CTG Abnormal & Quiz
  •  Clinical Cases

How do I access the OFSEP?

You can access the new OFSEP for free by simply creating an account on the login page. The same login details can be used in the following year when the next course is uploaded.

For RANZCOG members, you can login with your 5 digit RANZCOG ID and password.

How does the 12 month OFSEP course cycle work?

The course will be available from March to the following February each year. In March of each year, the course will be updated and available for enrolment.

If you have not completed the course within that 12 month period, progress of partially completed course will not be brought forward to the next course.

How do I access my certificate?

You can generate your certificate upon completion of all modules, quizzes and feedback form. Only one certificate is issued for each completed course.

You can now download and print your certificate from “MY DASHBOARD” after login.