Information for Organisers

Our educators will not be required to wear a face/surgical/N95 mask or face shield while delivering our Face-to-Face sessions as per the Victorian Government's advice* on Exemptions for wearing a face mask.  
For all other Australian states/territories and New Zealand, please contact us directly regarding requirements for wearing a mask.
*Reviewed 5 March 2022

How to book a session


Before the session

FSEP is responsible for
  • Advertising session dates and organiser's details on FSEP website
  • Sending flyer, handout and pre reading info to organisers
  • Organising educator's travel, equipment and accommodation
Organiser is responsible for
  • Organising venue, registration and payment for participants
  • Informing participants of pre reading materials
  • Preparing printed materials (handouts) for participants

On the day of session

  • Organiser to ensure venue is set up for the session day

After the session

  • FSEP to send participants the result letters, GIMs and certificates
  • FSEP to send organiser the session feedback letter
  • FSEP to invoice organiser