Information for Organisers


How to book a session

Organiser to decide on the type, venue, date and time of program and contact FSEP

Types of Program

AU 2021 Pricing List (PDF 650 kB)

NZ 2021 Pricing List (PDF 650 kB)

FSEP to check educator, date and time availability

Organiser to confirm date, time and venue for session

FSEP to send booking confirmation and purchase order form

Organiser to return completed paperwork to confirm session booking

Once confirmation is received, the booking is confirmed



FSEP is responsible for
Advertising session dates and organiser's details on FSEP website
Sending flyer, handout and pre reading info to organisers
Organising educator's travel, equipment and accommodation



Organiser is responsible for
Organising venue, registration and payment for participants
Informing participants of pre reading materials
Preparing printed materials (handouts) for participants



Organiser to ensure venue is set up for the session day

After the session
FSEP to send participants the result letters, GIMs and certificates
FSEP to send organiser the session feedback letter
FSEP to invoice organiser